Fun day teaching urban interaction design, physical computing and iterative prototyping at the Shift internship programme today!

A little bit of projection mapping… a little bit of Arduino… a fair amount of overview on seminal projects and relevant design methods… and a lot of iterative prototyping and group projects(-ing)!

Shift is an internship programme for young creatives, organised by Newcastle-based Studio Precept. It involves a wide variety of mentors from the industry, to advise the interns and give them practical skills through focused workshops.

Attaya director Lalya (well that’s me writing this post anyway, init) is one of the expert mentors recruited for the programme, and this was the first of a series of regular workshops she’s holding at Shift about design for digital interactions in 3D physical space in general, and urban interaction design in particular.

The next one will take place in October and will be open to the public as well, after registration!

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