Photo by Azadeh Ghafari Nia

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We are having a showcase called A Cup of Attaya at B&D Studios in Newcastle, as part of the 2013 Northern Design Festival (this year’s theme is Create:Digital).

During ten days (from 10-19 October), we will inhabit the space of B&D Studios, redecorate it with interactive installations, demos of work-in-progress, and have a chill-out salon area where we’ll welcome visitors with a nice cup of West-African Attaya tea and traditional Swedish cookies (Why, you ask? Because they’re tasty! Yum yum yum).

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Photo by Studio Precept

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Lalya will soon start taking part in Shift, an internship programme for young creatives. She will be one of the expert mentors advising the interns and will be giving regular workshops about design for digital interactions in 3D physical space in general, and urban interaction design in particular.

Want to know more about it? Come to the Shift Live No.1 launch party for the programme, at Hoults Yard in Byker, Newcastle, on Thursday 28th March!

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Attaya Projects was selected to be featured in this year’s Northern Design Festival, organised by Design Event. The festival’s theme will be Create:Digital and it will take place in Newcastle and Sunderland in October.

In Design Event’s own words:

“The festival celebrates the theme of digital and examines how advances in digital technologies over the last few years have had a huge impact across design. These technologies are the new tools and materials of the designer and enable the development of innovative works previously thought unachievable.”

We’re excited!!

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Want to hear some exciting talks about design in the North East of England? Come to Design Network North‘s Rise & Design event, Pecha Kucha-style! This Friday morning, Northern Design Centre in Gateshead (next door to Gateshead College).

We’ll be there reminiscing about the good ol’ days of black and white Atari screens and presenting some of our on-going projects at Attaya. We are however not currently in a position to reveal whether or not there will be any tap-dancing or ukuleles involved.

Do come along!

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And here is Attaya Projects’ first blog post!

Attaya was founded in February 2013 by Lalya Gaye when she won a grant and fellowship from Digital City Innovation (Teesside University, UK), to start a new digital-related business.

This blog is a little younger by a few months but we thought we’d somehow acknowledge Attaya’s start here anyway.

Follow us here, or for quicker shorter updates, on Twitter or Facebook! We’re also present on Flickr, Vimeo and Pinterest.

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