Back in Manchester for the annual FutureEverything festival. Or summit, as they called it this year. It’s quite fascinating how different the festival is from one year to another. Always very nice to catch up with old friends, bump into fellow Geordies, see some familiar faces and also meet some new ones. Didn’t get a chance to catch any of the amazing music programme this time around though. Sniff!

Some of this year’s highlights:

  • Natalie Jeremijenko‘s mindmeltingly brilliant talk about critical design for re-negotiating nature’s place in urban space
  • The performance Speed of Light with a huge number of joggers wearing synchronised LEDs on their bodies and creating coloured light patterns in the night by running along on the Salford waterfront
  • The Disability Meets Digital workshop by the excellent Alison Smith from Pesky People
  • Michelle Teran’s beautiful performance Folden

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[UPDATE 28.09.13]

Here’s the festival’s reel for 2013:

Welcome to the #futr – FutureEverything 2013 from FutureEverything.

And here’s their Flickr galleries!

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